Most movies typically use visual effects and special effects simultaneously. Many
directors prefer to use special effects as much as possible to give scenes a more
authentic feel – viewers can see actors reacting to the heat of an explosion and the
intensity of a stunt. While other directors prefer the control that VFX gives them
and getting the exact shot that they imagine.
While many people consider VFX as a form of special effects, there is a big
difference between traditional special effects (SFX) and VFX. This is where Ian & Evi
merge their separate skills and become a powerful duo of creativity in
Using SFX, Evi brings a filmmaker's vision to life on screen, allowing viewers to
connect with characters and storylines in new and exciting ways. Creating an
illusion or non-traditional look. Like old-age makeup, non-human creatures (ex.
animals, zombies), or injuries. Furthermore, adding creativity, imagination, and
skill. While also utilizing Prosthetic makeup, molding, sculpting, or casting to
change the shape of someone’s features using makeup. Evi brings it all to the table
with writing, producing and SFX proving she’s no one trick pony.
Ian is a multidisciplinary filmmaker master at VFX which is a crucial component of modern 
movie-making. He has the power to transport audiences to fantastical worlds, create
realistic portrayals of historical events, and add an emotional depth that enhances
storytelling. Using CGI (Computer generated imagery which is the most ubiquitous
form of VFX.) Compositing: (Compositing is the process of combining multiple
images into one. One of the most common compositing techniques is filming with
green screens) and Motion capture: (taking the authenticity of a live performance
and turn it into a more realistic digital sequence.) Ian a jack of all trades using his
immense passion for filmmaking, Directing, writing skills and combining VFX to
create believable, beautiful cinematography
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